wherever life plants you, bloom with grace

"Look for what is hidden just beyond what you are believing to be true."

    - Byron Katie

The WorkHour practices The Work of Byron Katie © and was founded to create a space for individuals interested in experiencing their career, self and interpersonal relationships without stress.   We can all be highly effective in a natural state of grace.  The self-inquiry meditative process practiced with clients is organically positioned to work with anyone in their respective field looking to become completely free from limits, restraints, burdens, etc.  

  Things may not always be as they seem.  It is our stories, even seemingly helpful stories, that can actually leave us floundering and trying much harder than necessary.

This is an invitation, through and through, to flourish naturally and with ease.  

Founder Emily Wetterauer is a Certified Clarity Coach practicing

The Work of Byron Katie©.

" My experience of The Work© is that it is a quiet, steady and gentle invitation to release my fears and naturally trust my heart.  So far, it has been a beautiful and highly effective process that has allowed me to question the reality of the dark corners of my mind and open to my creativity, curiosity and unconditional love.  As I open to this new freedom, my art unfolds naturally and takes me into greater depths within myself. "

                  ----- Emily

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